Writing more for my tombstone

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, though not aiming for ~2,000 words a day, I would like to write a blog post a day to get me in the habit of writing more to increase my communication skills. Being a full-time dad/husband, as well as commuting to an IT career, this will come out more as a stream of consciousness as I work to fill the page. I hope to touch on some of the ideas that have been accumulating thinking about for the past few years since I reintegrated to society after being a grad student, and not just be a random dribble of words from my brain. I feel I need to do this given the blocks I experience in my career, involvement in Toastmasters, hobby of expanding my jewelry business, and in my own personal life having my ideas heard. I have tried 750words.com in the past, though I fell off it, maybe because I wasn’t holding myself to do it publicly, chasing after empty badges rather than a meaningful resume of ideas to which I can point others to give further refinement on ideas.

The thing which really catalyzed this action was looking for a memory of my uncle. He was a major character in my growing up with memories such as a personal limo ride for me and my sister in downtown Philly, a scavenger hunt of clues to a sailboat on Christmas Day, etc. He died last year, we attended his funeral, though I didn’t get the obituary to properly close my memory of him. Looking it up I found this a month ago:

Gregory was born on May 22, 1953 and passed away on Saturday, May 21, 2016.
Gregory was a resident of Millersville, Pennsylvania.

I have gone through the life purpose exercises before of ‘What do you want written on your tombstone?’, or ‘Write your obituary’, and feared bad things would be said about the life I had lived. I never thought about just nothing being said, that my passing would be bland and devoid of details. I feel like there are some ideas I have which need refinement, and would eventually be useful to society at large, or at least just my career in the Agile community of the IT world. Swedish death cleaning has also caught my eye, and renewed my efforts to lead a life of eliminating physical stuff for stress reduction. Hopefully, this will become a habit that I can fit in with sleeping 7.5 hours a night as well.

(Photo is the ruins of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church in Patapsco State Park)


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