Gut check after (trying) blogging every day for a week

I’ve been using NaNoWriMo as the motivation to start a blog in earnest. I thought the easiest thing to blog about would be organizing and refining the notes about better mental health I’ve been taking over the past four years. It’s been very humbling as I have come to accept the new (to me) concepts I have been learning need more elaboration before they can be expressed to print.

Having a hard deadline of posting by the end of the day is an unexpected boon in productivity in that it forces me to create *something* each day. I had these grand plans where in just a month I would be able to pull together a unifying theory of mental health from myriad TED Talks, which I now see was a bit ambitious. I feel especially bad about this post where I could only briefly touch on such an amazing body of knowledge. Going forward, I believe scaling back will help me go more into the detail I wish to highlight.

There have been some hiccups where I have not been able to post, namely the weekends where all my time is dedicated to my family rather than squeezing any time in for this self improvement. Just having the house clean by the end of the weekend to prepare for the coming week is a stretch with entertaining my wife, 14 month old, and preparing the house for another little one in four months. I’ll have to effectively work on two posts a day during the week, ready to publish on the weekends.

This is taking so much time for me to organize my thoughts to paper, but I can already feel an improvement in expressing myself when talking with others, breaking me out of this shell I’ve created for myself over the years. I’m looking forward to continuing this past this month, though need to figure out how to better fit in the time.


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